LATEST NEWS.........................

MAY 1, 2016


Littlehead's debut CD now has a name, but hey... we 'jes can't tell ya yet!.  The news is that all 11 tracks have now finally been produced and mixed.  They are now in the process of being mastered. ...YAY!

Side note, one very special song, 'The Pretender' was actually recorded by our friend the late Jerry Paquette of Raincoast Studio a few years back.  Including this track on the record was a wonderful thing to do.  Not only is it is a great song but also because it highlights the band's Nanaimo music scene legacy, while paying homage to Jerry's work as an excellent recording engineer. The other cool twist is that Jerry himself was the one who encouraged Wayne (Littlehead's bassist) to open his own recording studio.  Today 'Wayon Sound' is a busy place!  It is also where the band's album was produced.  'The Pretender' stands up beautifully with the rest of Littlehead's new originals...and ya... the members of the band are real proud of every single song on the disk!  'Can't wait for everyone to hear this thing!